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Tue Oct 3 06:37:40 CEST 2017


I cannot get the basic demo to work inside my VM.  Here's my setup:

   - x86_64 machine running
   - Windows 7 running
   - VirtualBox 5.1.28 running
   - Ubuntu 16.04

My process within the Ubuntu VM was:

   - Installed the various tools to build (genode-toolchain-17.05,
   libsdl2-dev, etc)
   - Ran git clone to get Genode 17.08
   - Ran *./tool/create_builddir linux BUILD_DIR=../build*
   - Changed *build.conf* to enable MAKE += -j4
   - Ran *make run/demo*

Everything builds fine but nothing significant happens.  Here's the console
output (post build):

using 'core-linux' as 'core'
using '' as ''
using 'linux_timer_drv' as 'timer'
spawn ./core
Genode 17.08 <local changes>

17592186044415 MiB RAM and 8997 caps assigned to init
Warning: blocking canceled in entrypoint constructor
<Demo just sits here until I press Ctrl-C>

If I check the process list (before the Ctrl-C) I don't see anything other
than *make*, *expect*, and *core*.  After attaching gdb to the
(unstripped) *core
*process I see that one thread is sleeping in* _sig_rec->block_for_signal()*
and another thread is sleeping in *_wait_for_exit_sem.down()*.

The huge RAM allocation for init seems unreasonable, but I saw some similar
output in other posts.  Is the "blocking canceled" warning to be expected?
Should I see the other processes listed in *launchpad.config* running?

Just to be safe I've redone all these steps multiple times and even built
the genode toolchain from source.  What should I check next?

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