Genode on i.MX6Q Sabre Lite

Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Wed Nov 8 21:06:40 CET 2017

Hi Yevgeny, Stefan,

Am 08.11.2017 um 11:29 schrieb Stefan Kalkowski:
> Actually, I have no idea why the HW kernel should not work for you. We
> test it all night, and currently _all_ tests for HW on Wandboard are
> green. I can confirm the trouble you experience with and
> on top of sel4. I think there exist resource limitations
> regarding Genode/Sel4 that lead to those problems.
> The only difference in between your setup, and our nightly test scenario
> is that we use u-boot's "uImage" format and the "bootm" command instead
> of the "bootelf" command, because the latter is not enabled in most
> pre-installed u-boot variants. You can produce a ready to use uImage
> when adding the following run-tool option to your "etc/build.conf":
>   RUN_OPT += --include image/uboot
> I should wonder if it makes any difference to boot the uImage instead of
> the ELF image, but maybe you can give it a try.

Might it be that the u-boot versions differ and therefore the
pre-Genode hardware/uart initialization causes troubles with HW?


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