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Wed Nov 8 08:22:34 CET 2017

Hi Ben,

On 08.11.2017 02:36, Nobody III wrote:
> I have ported the following libraries:
> lz4
> liblzma
> libarchive
> They are all in my genode-desktop-environment repository
> ( Should any of
> these be added to the official Genode repository, or should they all be
> added to genode-world?

cool! Thanks for proposing the inclusion of these ports into Genode.
Coincidentally, I have recently ported libarchive myself. It still
resides on a topic branch. The corresponding issue is:

My port differs from your's in that it avoids hosting the generated
config.h in our git repository. Instead it comes with a tiny
hand-crafted version of this file. Please also note the fixup commit on
my branch, which adds the untar example.

Could you imagine taking this version as the basis for your branch and
possibly enhance it with the additional features you need (enabling lz4,

Regarding the question where to put them, the ports should be added to
the official Genode repository - not genode-world - because they will be
used by Genode's forthcoming on-target depot-deployment tools (which
should not depend on the genode-world repository).


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