Acpica build error

Johannes Kliemann Johannes.Kliemann at ...250...
Mon May 15 13:16:45 CEST 2017


I tried to play around with the acpica port. I strongly used the code
from `/repos/libports/src/app/acpica/` as reference. When I compile
my code, I get the following error:

> /.../genode/repos/demo/src/app/acpi_i2c/ In constructor ‘Acpica::Main::Main(Genode::Env&)’:
> /.../genode/repos/demo/src/app/acpi_i2c/ error: no match for call to ‘(Genode::Signal_handler<Acpica::Main>) (Genode::Entrypoint&, Acpica::Main&, void (Acpica::Main::*)())’
>          sci_irq(env.ep(), *this, &Main::acpi_irq)

at the follwing code:

> struct Acpica::Main {
>          ...             
>       Main(Genode::Env &env) : 
>           env(env),
>           sci_irq(env.ep(), *this, &Main::acpi_irq)
>       { ...

The quite similar code from the file mentioned above compiles without
problems. I cannot see what exactly I need to add/change to fix this.

The code is based of the current master branch, you can view the file at

Thanks in advance,


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