XML editing for dynamic subsystems

Emery Hemingway emery at ...261...
Sat May 6 15:57:12 CEST 2017

Hey Norman,

Extending the package management to cover some runtime configuration
sounds great. Making subsystems clean and self-contained will be
very helpful for distributing compositions that contain a lot of

On Fri, 5 May 2017 11:46:45 +0200
Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...> wrote:

> ... the subsystem manager inspects the '.runtime' file found in the
> pkg archive, which may look like this (just a rough sketch):
>   <runtime>
>     <start binary="init"
>            config="noux_bash.config"
>            ram="32M" caps="500"/>
>     <rom name="init"/>
>     <rom name="noux"/>
>     <rom name="noux_bash.config"/>
>     <rom name="bash.tar"/>
>     <rom name="ld.lib.so"/>
>     <rom name="terminal"/>
>     <framebuffer resizeable="yes">
>       <minimum width="500" height="400"/>
>       <preferred width="1024" height="768"/>
>     </framebuffer>
>     <input/>
>     <timer/>
>     <file_system label="depot"/>
>     <file_system label="user"/>
>   </runtime>

I noticed you included some display parameters with a <framebuffer/>
node, I think that it may be worthwhile to include some information on
the size and positioning of Nitpicker windows/views. Surely there is a
neat way to pass this information to a window manager stack.


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