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Mon Mar 6 16:32:25 CET 2017

Hi John,

> my query is that i want to integrate some component in the
> demo scenario like tutorial browser or menu_view , virtual box etc. can
> you guys help me and provide me a way so that by proceeding i can do the
> above mentioned things.

with the current version of Genode, it comes down to creating a run
script for your scenario. To assemble such a run script, you need to
gather an understanding of the requirements of the various components.

For example, if you want to use VirtualBox, you need a file system first
(where the virtual disk image is stored). So as a prerequisite, you need
a file system component such as the Rump-kernel-based file-system
server. The file system, in turn, requires a block device (where the
file system is stored) as provided by a block-device driver or the
partition server. So to go forward, you need to look at the requirements
of a particular block driver (like ahci_drv for SATA disks). The driver
needs to access the device resources, which are managed by the so-called
platform driver...

Unfortunately, there is no way around learning this interplay between
the various components. Fortunately, however, there are many existing
run scripts that illustrate the use of the almost all components. Those
run scripts allow you to explore and exercise the individual components.
You can always take them as reference when creating a custom scenario.
Furthermore, most components are accompanied with documentation in the
form of README files in their corresponding directories.


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