Writing to UART mapped memory address

Abhishek Kumar abhishekkmr18 at ...9...
Mon Jun 26 15:39:49 CEST 2017

I am running trustzone Genode, with linux in normal world. I have made UART
secure and I'm getting the fault address in DFAR register in dump in VM
monitor. I want to write to a memory address which is mapped to UART i.e.
physical address is in range [53FBC000, 53FFFFFF]. I am getting following
error when I try to access the address:

no RM attachment (faulter 203128 with IP 7001e7d0 attempts to read from
address 53fbc080)
init -> tz_vmm -> vmm: unresolved pagefault at ip=7001e7d0 sp=e01fed10
fault address=53fbc080
core -> pager_ep: cannot submit unknown signal context

I'm using va_to_pa to get the physical address. I'm not sure how Genode
maps the virtual addresses to I/O mapped physical region, or how can I
write to UART mapped physical address?

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