How to compile genode os code along with .so file from some other library

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Tue Jun 13 19:59:04 CEST 2017

Hi Abhishek,

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> Hello
> I want to do some modifications to genode code using a C library, I want
> to compile Genode code along with a .so file from some third party library
> and the corresponding .h file. I am using functions from that library in
> vm_base.h in os sub-directory. Is there some simple way to directly change
> the Makefile to include .so file or something similar?
You will need to port the library i.e., compile it with the Genode code
base using the compiler that comes with the Genode architecture you are
interested in. It should not be very difficult in case of one library and
little dependencies. If you share some details it might be convenient for
others to comment more but I guess this is how we do it. The code will
break and you fix it. I am not very fluent with Genode as to whether how
much it is consistent with lets say standard C library that comes with
Linux runtime.

I hope this helps.


Shahbaz Khan
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