Release 17.05, base-hw, environment ROM session denied error

Bob Stewart robjsstewart at ...9...
Mon Jun 12 22:43:50 CEST 2017


Migrating over to release 17.05 from 17.02, I'm getting errors from

an unknown source when a os server starts. Grepping for the error

message or portions of it yields nothing and the error tells me nothing

I can relate to. The error does not occur on previous releases.

The complete run script output is attached but the lines at issue are

the dozen or so lines:

"[init] Error: ctrl_module: environment ROM session denied (label="ctrl_module",

ram_quota=6144, cap_quota=3, diag=0) "

What is this message telling me?

Also, further down the log is the following output:

   init -> gpio_drv] resource_request: ram_quota=0, cap_quota=4

   [init -> gpio_drv] used before freeing emergency=276K

   [init -> gpio_drv] used after freeing emergency=260K

I believe these are a result of the gpio server setting up a session through the session interface.

Is the resource request only for the capabilities storage space?...asking for no ram would not

make sense.

The second and third lines would appear to indicate that init had to make an emergency allocation

of ram but that would not make sense either as it was given control of over 400 MB and the loaded

binaries have consumed a small fraction of that.

So how should I interprete this message sequence?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Bob Stewart

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