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Fri Jun 9 07:28:40 CEST 2017

When I try to run arora on Genode (tried with both nova and hw) in Qemu,
even with plenty of ram (-ram 4096), I run into the following error:

spawn qemu-system-x86_64 -machine type=pc,accel=kvm -display sdl -cpu
core2duo -vga cirrus -net nic,model=e1000 -net user -serial mon:stdio
-cdrom var/run/arora.iso
warning: host doesn't support requested feature: [bit 27]
Bender: Hello World.
Modules might overlap.
Relocate to f40000, but module at 00226000-072a0b17.
Cannot relocate.
phdr 200000+1e70 overlaps with module 201000-225078 200d+25'/hypervisor
iommu serial novpid novga'

Exit with status 1.

I haven't tested x86_32, given how long it takes to compile Qt, so I don't
know whether the issue is just for x86_64 or for all x86.

Any ideas on what's going wrong and how to fix it?
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