Unable to use csu_config.h to secure GPIO access from normal world

Abhishek Kumar abhishekkmr18 at ...9...
Tue Jun 6 15:57:05 CEST 2017

I am using genode trustzone code on imx53 board. AFAIU, following lines in
csu_config.h are supposed to regulate the access from normal world:

namespace Csu_config
        enum {
                SECURE_GPIO  = 1,
                SECURE_ESDHC = 0,
                SECURE_UART  = 0,
                SECURE_I2C   = 1,

Though GPIO is set secure, I am still able to set direction and value of
gpios from the linux running in normal world, on top of tz_vmm running in
secure world. Should it not raise some exception? Where am I going wrong?

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