get virtual address corresponding to physical addresses in genode

rijurekha at ...71... rijurekha at ...71...
Mon Jul 24 12:21:39 CEST 2017

To get virtual address corresponding to any physical address in genode, we
generally use:

Genode::Io_mem_connection _ram_iomem(phy_addr, 4);
Ram _ram(phy_addr, 4,

_ram.local() then gives the necessary virtual address. This works
vm_base.h for run/tz_vmm demo or vm.h for run/vmm, i.e. in the tz vmm user

What can we do to get virtual addresses for physical addresses which are
already mapped? E.g. in the imx53 sabre tablet demo, the 7 GPIO banks are
already mapped to virtual addresses in os/src/drivers/gpio/imx53/driver.h.

If we have a physical address (from DFAR) corresponding to the GPIO
address ranges, how can I get the virtual address in user space files
corresponding to tz vmm?


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