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Thu Jul 6 22:00:05 CEST 2017


On 06.07.2017 21:40, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> Scratch that, I found the issue with this specific error (I had in the
> recipe the nic_drv and nic_bridge commented out for
> troubleshooting).  I have enabled these again and now have new errors
> listed below.  The entire serial output listed below:
> NOVA Microhypervisor v7-8bcd6fc (x86_64): Jun  6 2017 12:07:06 [gcc 6.3.0]
> [ 0] TSC:2637247 kHz BUS:1017434 kHz
> [ 0] CORE:0:0:0 6:f:b:0 [0] Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7700  @ 2.40GHz
> Hypervisor reports 1x1 CPU
> Warning: CPU has no invariant TSC.
> CPU ID (genode->kernel:package:core:thread) remapping
>  remap (0->0:0:0:0) boot cpu

You either running in a VM (looks bit like Qemu as VMM? [on XEN ?]) or
your CPU is really old, not to say odd. The invariant TSC is suspicious.
Only 1 CPU is more suspicious. According to Intel [0] it has 2 cores and
has hardware virtualization support (Vt-x).


> [init -> vbox1] Warning: No virtualization hardware acceleration available
> [init -> vbox2] Warning: No virtualization hardware acceleration available

Your CPU has no hardware support for virtualization. You either are not
running on real hardware or the feature is not turned on in your BIOS
(which sometimes is disabled by default by the PC vendors.)


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