Networking Support in VirtualBox

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Thu Jul 6 21:32:54 CEST 2017


On 06.07.2017 20:50, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> I have a serial output available now to help isolate the issue.  Below is
> the entire output but it seems that the issue is nic_drv and nic_bridge (as
> well as log_terminal) are being denied the ROM session necessary.  Any
> thoughts as to why?

In the list of available ROM modules, the nic_bridge, the nic_drv and
the log_terminal is missing:

> :rom_fs: ROM modules:
>  ROM: [000000007fe07000,000000007fe1a7e0) acpi_drv
>  ROM: [000000007db6c000,000000007db6de6a) config
>  ROM: [000000007fb0f000,000000007fdfccf8) core.o
>  ROM: [000000007f8fb000,000000007f977cd8) device_pd
>  ROM: [000000007ff9d000,000000007ffdedd0) fb_drv
>  ROM: [0000000000019000,000000000001a000) hypervisor_info_page
>  ROM: [000000007e890000,000000007e8cc6d0) init
>  ROM: [000000007db6e000,000000007dc19bf8)
>  ROM: [000000007d9db000,000000007db0c050)
>  ROM: [000000007db4b000,000000007db53130)
>  ROM: [000000007fa01000,000000007fa0fd70)
>  ROM: [000000007fa10000,000000007faf4d40)
>  ROM: [000000007f9d9000,000000007fa004a0)
>  ROM: [000000007db54000,000000007db6b9c8) nit_fb
>  ROM: [000000007db0d000,000000007db4a2e0) nitpicker
>  ROM: [000000007f99e000,000000007f9d8790) platform_drv
>  ROM: [000000007f8cd000,000000007f8e5cf8) ps2_drv
>  ROM: [000000007fdfd000,000000007fe066f0)
>  ROM: [000000007f978000,000000007f99de18)
>  ROM: [000000007e878000,000000007e88f770) report_rom
>  ROM: [000000007fe1b000,000000007fe2ba08) rtc_drv
>  ROM: [000000007fe2d000,000000007ff9cae0)
>  ROM: [000000007e8cd000,000000007f8cd000) test.iso
>  ROM: [000000007fe2c000,000000007fe2cfb1) test.vbox
>  ROM: [000000007f8e6000,000000007f8fa6a8) timer
>  ROM: [000000007faf5000,000000007fb0e0a0) vbox_pointer
>  ROM: [000000007dc1a000,000000007e877678) virtualbox5-nova

Please check that the files are part of your boot_module list in your
run script and actually really got added.


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