foc_odroid_x2 with tftp boot via uboot on odroid u3

Bernhard Blieninger bliening at ...389...
Wed Jan 25 19:30:11 CET 2017

Hi guys,

we are trying to get genode running on an odroid u3 which should be 
quite similar to the foc_odroid_x2.

I followed the instructions from here:  and here:
And i used the newest version of u-boot from hardkernel here:

I wanted to use tftp boot so and did not really know how to start at 
first place,
so i picked up the ubuntu image from here: and 
copied it via dd to the sd card.
Then I just let the sd_fuse script from the first link overwrite the 
bootcode on the sdcard. And wrote into the boot.txt at the first 
partition the bootcode which it should execute,
in my case something like this:

    |setenv ethact sms0|
    |setenv ethaddr 00:10:75:2A:AE:E0|
    |setenv gatewayip|
    |setenv netmask|
    |setenv serverip|
    |setenv usbethaddr 00:10:75:2A:AE:E0|
    |setenv ipaddr|
    |usb start|
    |tftp 0x70000000 odroid/uImage|


|Where uImage is the uImage created from the foc_odroid build.
Then I used

    ||mkimage -A arm -C none -T script -n 'Custom Boot Script' -d
    boot.txt boot.scr||

||to build the boot.scr and booted the odroid u3.||

Problem now is that is says something like: ||

    *ERROR: booting os 'Unknown OS' (3) is not supported*

Where 3 means something like Checksum OK as the uboot manual states.
Now I took the zImage from the ubuntu on the sd card and converted it to 
a uImage with the mkimage program.
Put both on the tftp server and changed the boot.txt accordingly.

If i select zImage the ubuntu kernel boots up and gets a kernel panic, 
if i select uImage(now from Ubuntu) i get the same unknown OS error.

Does someone have similar issues and can tell me how to fix it?
Is it even possible to use the foc_odroid_x2 on u3, they share the same 
hardware so it should be?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



Bernhard Blieninger, B.Sc.

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