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Mon Jan 9 14:06:33 CET 2017

Hi Josef,

> looking back at the the roadmap of 2016 it is clear that we missed some
> items; nevertheless, I think all in all the year went well. Norman already
> noted some observations, namely prioritizing the existing user base
> over the future one. Looking back at this week's clean-up efforts I
> believe that spending more time on refining the base APIs was indeed the
> right decision. Using the new interface or switching the used kernel
> seamlessly while testing components feels so natural now and with the
> ABI mechanism provides a great foundation for building the infrastructure
> for package/deployment management.

it's really nice to read your reflection, now that we adapted a
significant amount of components to the new API. This is exactly what I
hoped to achieve with the new API!

> That being said, one thing I missed from last year's roadmap discussion
> (although I am not sure if that was actually discussed on the ML or only
> at a coffee break) is the intention of making more information about
> Genode available to and by the community, i.e. in the form of writing
> how-tos for specific tasks or just by writing informally about interesting
> things that happend while working on Genode. Since parts of the APIs were
> or are still in flux I understand that it is difficult to write detailed
> articles that are valid for the years to come and probably one of the
> reason why one hesitates to spend time on that. That merely leaves the
> more informal part. Judging by the huge amount of out-dated information
> for <insert your favourite topic here> in all the weblogs on the internet
> I am not sure if spending time on that is a good idea either. Than again,
> were is the harm in documenting the process of writing a new component or
> porting existing software [1] to Genode? After all it should be fine if
> the focus is more on the process or the methodology. So, that is a goal of
> mine for 2017 — scheduled (emphasis on that) writing about what I do with
> Genode in hope that it is useful to somebody or even that others join in
> :-)

I like the idea very much. Dropping a comprehensive release-notes
document every three months is not perfect to keep the attention of
interested bystanders captured. A blog-like format would be a very good


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