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I personally suggest that we drop L4Linux, or else port it to the
kernel-agnostic Genode API.

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> Hi folks,
> since the very first project that used L4Linux on top of Genode, almost
> nobody cared much about it. The main developers of Genode do not make
> use of it, and I do not know of any project currently depending on it.
> When it comes to OS ABI compatibility, we make use of VMMs like
> VirtualBox or Seoul. For device driver support, the project also do not
> follow the L4Linux approach, but drivers are built by ourselves or we
> port them using the device-driver environment (DDE) approach.
> On the other hand, L4Linux often stands in the way when e.g.,
> modernizing the Genode API like with recent issue #1987. It also kept me
> from upgrading to newer Fiasco.OC kernel versions in the past, because
> of the dependencies of L4Linux with regard to the kernel. In contrast to
> L4Linux, I know that people are using Genode with Fiasco.OC and would
> profit from newer versions. I also do so, e.g., when using Fiasco.OC's
> debugger on real hardware. If maintaining Genode/Fiasco.OC gets easier
> by removing the burden of L4Linux I'm for it.
> Nevertheless, if somebody is still actively using it, we should find a
> solution, e.g., by sharing the maintenance effort, or moving the current
> state into the Genode world repository. I have opened an issue accordingly:
> If you have a future interest in L4Linux on top of Genode, please
> contribute to the discussion in the issue tracker.
> Best regards
> Stefan
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