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Hi Ben,

On 28.12.2017 00:40, Nobody III wrote:
> Currently, Genode has session interfaces for various use cases, but I'm
> unsure of which one to use for simple "send-and-forget" scenarios. The
> "Terminal" interface seems to be the best option currently available,
> but seems a little misleading. Should I use "Terminal" sessions for
> send-and-forget IPC, or is there a better option?

it depends on the type of content you wish to send.

If your content is a *stream* of data, the 'Terminal' session is

If your content can be expressed as a *state*, better use the 'Report'
session interface.

In general, you should try to use the report-session interface whenever
possible because it does not require the queuing of information. In
contrast to streamed data, only the most recently reported state needs
to be preserved.


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