wifi: assignment of PCI device failed

Johannes Kliemann Johannes.Kliemann at ...250...
Mon Dec 4 10:04:36 CET 2017

Hi all,

I tried to use the Wifi driver for Intel wifi chips.
When running the driver I get the following messages:

> [platform_drv] Error: wifi_drv -> : assignment of PCI device 4:0.0
failed phys=0xf8400000 virt=0x10

> [wifi_drv] [iwl_trans_pcie_grap_nic_access] *WARN* Timeout waiting for
hardware access (CSR_GP_CNTRL 0xffffffff)

The corresponding run file [1] is explicitly written without any default
routes. I can only provide a photo of the log output [2] (at least the
visible part) as I don't have any other debug method yet on this hardware.

I thought that this was a missing route but I couldn't find a related
message and assigning default routes didn't fix it.
The error seems to appear in
repos/base-nova/src/core/pd_session_support.cc:assign_pci returning
false but I couldn't find out why this happens.
Does anyone have an idea?


[2]: https://imgur.com/a/DkWTq

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