An ISO Image Related Remark

Martin Vahi martin.vahi at ...427...
Tue Aug 22 12:48:10 CEST 2017

Dear whoever reads this,

The only purpose of my current letter is to note
that the GenodeOS gets beaten by the MINIX3 at
getting newcomers on-board due to the fact that
the MINIX3 has an ISO image that people can install
to VirtualBox and the GenodeOS lacks such
downloadable image.

Actually, I once obtained one such GenodeOS image
in 2010, but today is 2017. I haven't exhaustively
tested the GenodeOS book, but at first glance it seems
that the book assumes, at least from paths' point of view,
a person is required to run a copy of the
GenodeOS before building the GenodeOS.
For example, after cloning the

and following instructions on page 24 of the 2017_08_22 version of the

    (Chapter 2.3, "Using the build system")


    ./tool/create_builddir x86_64
    cd ./build/x86_64
    nice -n20 make

I get an error message

    /bin/bash: /usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-x86-g++: No such file or

Obviously I AM NOT running GenodeOS, if I'm a
newcomer and want to try out the GenodeOS for the
very first time. As I wasn't given an ISO image to
to try the GenodeOS, then my next step is to follow
the official instructions, which in this case is to build the
GenodeOS myself. Yet, the build system assumes that I'm
building the GenodeOS WHILE RUNNING GENODEOS, because
hardly any Linux or BSD distribution has a path like


available by default. A chicken and an egg. There's a
need for a grown up bird to lay the egg, but if
the whole path of software-/bio-evolution
is to be skipped, then a lamb must be able to
give birth to a non-mammal, a lizard, a bird, a fish,
to make fast bootstrapping possible,
not to mention "The Alien Option":

Thank You for reading my comment :-)

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