create_uboot dependencies?

Steven Harp steven.harp at ...486...
Mon Aug 21 16:37:08 CEST 2017


That is much like the output I see with similar serial wiring and
using the uboot that is included with the Wand Debian image.
My Wand seems to be rev. D1 instead of B1, but hopefully that's
not a problem.  However the create_uboot image results in no
serial output whatsoever.

1. Maybe some additional steps are required to prepare the 
microSD or make the image bootable, e.g. something analogous
to repos/os/run/

2. Is it feasible to just reconfigure the working uboot (from Debian)
to bootstrap genode? If so, what files from wand_quad/var/run/...
need to be loaded onto the microSD, and what uboot environment
and commands are required?

// Steve

On 08/21/2017 04:49 AM, Martin Stein wrote:
> We have a Serial-to-USB cable connected to the Serial interface of the
> board and a USB port of the testing machine. Then you can catch the
> output via 'picocom' for instance. The implementation of the UART driver
> is [1]. It uses 1 stop bit, a baudrate of 115200, and no parity. So, the
> following works for me:
> sudo picocom -p n -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0
> Even if your Genode doesn't come up you should at least see some output
> from the Uboot like this:
> U-Boot 2015.10-00237-g92e40f5-dirty (Dec 04 2015 - 15:37:04 +0100)
> CPU:   Freescale i.MX6Q rev1.2 at 792 MHz
> Reset cause: POR
> Board: Wandboard rev B1
> I2C:   ready
> DRAM:  2 GiB
> No panel detected: default to HDMI
> Display: HDMI (1024x768)
> In:    serial
> Out:   serial
> Err:   serial
> Net:   FEC [PRIME]
> Hit any key to stop autoboot:  1
> U-Boot SPL 2015.10-00237-g92e40f5-dirty (Dec 04 2015 - 15:37:04)
> Did this help?
> [1] base/include/drivers/uart/imx.h
> Am 18.08.2017 um 18:03 schrieb Steven Harp:
>> Martin:
>> Yes, that worked well. Happily I had the older toolchain handy,
>> and it compiles uboot without error.
>> Unfortunately, the output is not yet working for me (no serial out).
>> I'm still trying to puzzle out the recipe to get Genode images running
>> on the Wand Quad.   Genode Labs perhaps has a preferred solution for 
>> testing on this platform--is there a web page or README that discusses?
>> Maybe tftpboot from one of the Wand linux/uboot images could work?
>> Any advice or examples would be much appreciated. 
>> Thanks,
>>   Steve
>> On 08/18/2017 07:10 AM, Martin Stein wrote:
>>> Hi Steven Harp,
>>> Thank you for this hint!
>>> It's obviously a bug in the 'create_uboot' tool. The tool uses the Genode tool
>>> chain and since the last update of this tool cain I didn't test whether they're
>>> still fine with each other.
>>> One quick work-around for you would be to download the 16.05 toolchain [1],
>>> unpack it to an individual directory (no 'P' flag) [2], and adapt your
>>> create_uboot to use the other tool chain [3].
>>> I will have a more detailed look at the problem these days and provide a
>>> long-term fix as soon as possible.
>>> I hope this helped?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Martin
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