Receiving message written by writev() in multiple chunks

Alexander Senier alex at ...331...
Wed Aug 16 13:03:14 CEST 2017

Hi Christian,

I agree that applications should be able to cope with that situation and that theres no guarantee about fragmentation in recv(). I will fix the
respective test case and hope no real applications do rely on that behavior. I'm OK with leaving the implementation as is.



On 15.08.2017 11:26, Christian Helmuth wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> I share your feeling that it may be better to adopt the behavior of
> Linux and Android to stay on safe grounds. But on the other hand, I
> could not find any reference which states that recv() will return a
> complete TCP segment in all cases (only the opposite, e.g., [1]).
> Please correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, any application relying on
> this fact would be broken. Regarding writev() to the local socket
> buffer most implementations also seems to gather all data from the
> iovec in one run. But, this is hidden from the receiver, which has to
> expect that the data was fragmented on any network layer including the
> syscall interface.
> For these reasons, I suggest we leave the implementation as is for now.
> [1]
> Greets

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