Qt Virtualkeyboard example

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at ...1...
Wed Aug 2 19:27:36 CEST 2017

Hi Johannes,

On 31.07.2017 15:20, Johannes Kliemann wrote:
> after applying your commit and fixing the vpaths for the plugin
> directory it compiles but it still fails to find the
> qtvirtualkeyboardplugin.

from looking at what gets built and installed with Qt for Linux, it
seems there are actually multiple plugins involved that need to be
ported to Genode: one Qt plugin (the one you ported) and multiple
QtQuick plugins (QtQuick.Layouts, QtQuick.Virtualkeyboard.Styles,
Qt.labs.folderlistmodel). The layout of the 'qml' directory must
probably match the one on Linux (/usr/local/Qt-5.8.0/qml), with a
'qmldir' file in each sub directory, for the QtQuick plugins to be
found. The Qt plugin was installed at
on Linux, but I'm not sure if our Qt port can load non-QtQuick plugins
with 'dlopen()' yet, so I would first try to use it as a static plugin,
like it is done with the qjpeg plugin. This usually means adding an
extra file to register the plugin at program start (see


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