execution time on RPI.

Mohammad Hamad mhh.it1986 at ...9...
Wed Aug 2 16:36:44 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I am trying to measure the execution time of a function on RPI model B.

I used the "Trace::timestamp" function to calculate it. In the same time, I
used the elapsed_ms() function to compare with it.

as I understood, the "Trace::timestamp" function gives the performance
counter.  Dose the elapsed_ms function provide the execution time of the
method in milliseconds?

During the measurements, I got some related numbers in somehow. For an
example, the average of  elapsed_ms() was 2,18 and the  average of
performance counter is 24825,02

How could I convert the delta of the performance counter to milliseconds? I
guess I need to divide by the CPU_cycle.

 If yes, does the cpu_cycle specified or modified by the Genode? How can  I
get this value?

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