Genode on i.MX6 (eMMC Flash)

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Fri Apr 21 11:24:00 CEST 2017

Hello Stefan,

> I just wanted to add: You cannot print a message within bootstrap after
> enabling the MMU until the core component is started. Due to the fact,
> that the serial log console for bootstrap is initialized using the
> physical address of the UART's I/O registers, because bootstrap is first
> running with disabled MMU. When the MMU is enabled there are no 1:1
> mappings of the UART's I/O registers, but they are somewhere above
> 0xf0000000. Within the core component the serial log console is
> initialized using the correct virtual memory address of the UART's I/O
> registers, that is why you can print log messages again in core.

Thanks for the clarification. I have been wondering why my log messages
weren't being printed once I encounter the pagefault. This provides an
explanation to my question. I've removed all the messages before core
component has started within bootstrap. I'm stuck at the pagefault part.
(as I have mentioned in my previous email)

> I wonder if you have made any other changes. Can you please verify to
> change the values of RAM and UART in the board_base.h file only? So we
> can be sure to not hunt some other artifact?

I've only made changes in the board_base.h file only. I haven't made any
other changes. However, in contrast to the earlier emails, where I have
used UART2, I discovered that we should be looking at UART1 on our board.
I've just changed UART_1_MMIO_BASE and UART_1_IRQ values to the ones
mentioned in the iMX6 reference manual for UART1 in the same file itself.

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