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Thu Apr 13 15:25:05 CEST 2017

That would be nice. For now, I've used the lxip stack in my program (and
wrote a convenient wrapper for it), since it depended on old C/C++ code
and therefore I needed a C++ API for opening UDP sockets.

But using lwip without libc could decrease the complexity and might be
better indeed.

I would guess a rust TCP stack would mainly be useful for Rust applications.

On 27-03-17 18:17, Emery Hemingway wrote:
> Hello Boris,
> In my opinion, once you start using TCP/IP, you cross a complexity
> threshold where it makes sense to use high-level langauges or
> networking libraries.
> The alternative would be to use the lwIP raw API and avoid libc, but
> this is not exposed right now. Another option would be the Rust way, I
> expect there is atleast Rust TCP stack in the works, so in theory a
> Rust component could be crafted to use Nic sessions directly.
> Cheers,
> Emery


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