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Tue Apr 4 10:29:54 CEST 2017


On 03.04.2017 12:41, Hinnerk van Bruinehsen wrote:
> I have done some testing to get seL4 and Genode boot on an ARM device
> (AM335x based). I have a branch on github that got into the Genode

Nice !

> I guess the real question is, considering that Genode+seL4 on ARM is
> planned for this year, how much work makes sense. Especially because it
> would really only make sense, if one has a concept to split the code in
> a way that allows to build seL4 for different architectures at the same
> time, which essentially means, that the code could be upstreamed. To get
> that done, likely would required a certain ammount of coordination with
> upstream...

feel invited to open up a feature issue on github and we may discuss and
streamline patches in a clean way.

It's right that we plan seL4 and ARM support, but as said on the roadmap
website, nothing is set in stone (e.g. because of high prior
commissioned contract work which may come in at any point in time). So,
I would not bet on this to happen, at least not bet on the schedule ...

Additionally, we would only add support to SoCs we see a need for, have
physical access to and therefore may also test. The whole zoo of ARM
SoCs can't be managed by GenodeLabs alone. That means specifically, that
your desired board may not be part of this line of work.

Why I'm talking about this ? If you have a need for Genode/seL4 and have
already something running, please open up a feature issue on github and
we will see how we get it upstream. Just waiting for things to happen is
the worst thing we can do, community wise.



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