some error of sel4.iso on VirtualBox (1495Mo)

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Sun Sep 18 10:22:22 CEST 2016

Because I have only 2GB, I had to lessen the memory in the virtual
machine to 1495 Mo.

Then I get some error, that I was able to capture by redirecting COM1
to /tmp/sel4 file:
[some parsing cut ... ask if needed]
Kernel loaded to: start=0x100000 end=0x147000 size=0x47000 entry=0x10003e
ACPI: RSDP paddr=0xe0000
ACPI: RSDP vaddr=0xdfce0000
ACPI: RSDT paddr=0x5d6f0000
ACPI: RSDT vaddr=0xdfef0000
ACPI: MADT paddr=0x5d6f0240
ACPI: MADT vaddr=0xdfef0240
ACPI: MADT apic_addr=0xfee00000
ACPI: MADT flags=0x1
ACPI: MADT_ISO bus=0 source=0 gsi=2 flags=0x0
ACPI: MADT_ISO bus=0 source=9 gsi=9 flags=0xd
ACPI: MADT_APIC apic_id=0x0
ACPI: MADT_IOAPIC ioapic_id=1 ioapic_addr=0xfec00000 gsib=0
ACPI: 1 CPU(s) detected
Detected 1 CPUs. Only just 1
Detected 1 boot module(s):
  module #0: start=0x1c2000 end=0x65f77a0 size=0x64357a0 name='/image.elf'
ELF-loading userland images from boot modules:
size=0x6435000 v_entry=0x2000000 v_start=0x2000000 v_end=0x8435000
p_start=0x65f8000 p_end=0xca2d000
Moving loaded userland images to final location: from=0x65f8000
to=0x147000 size=0x6435000
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x0 fun=0x0: vid=0x8086 did=0x1237
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x1 fun=0x0: vid=0x8086 did=0x7000
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x1 fun=0x1: vid=0x8086 did=0x269e
PCI:     BAR[4] ignored: PCI IO space not supported
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x2 fun=0x0: vid=0x80ee did=0xbeef
PCI:     BAR[0] address=0xe0000000 size=0x1000000
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x4 fun=0x0: vid=0x80ee did=0xcafe
PCI:     BAR[0] ignored: PCI IO space not supported
PCI:     BAR[1] address=0xf0000000 size=0x400000
PCI:     BAR[2] address=0xf0400000 size=0x4000
PCI: Detected device @ bus=0x0 dev=0x7 fun=0x0: vid=0x8086 did=0x7113
Starting node #0
Caught cap fault in send phase at address 0x0
while trying to handle:
user exception 0x6 code 0x0
in thread 0xff7e0900 "rootserver" at address 0x200b78f
With stack:
0x28026ec: 0x20a3854
paul at ...445...:/tmp$

Is it a fancy way to say I am missing memory, or is it more serious
(real CPU is a Celeron D)?

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