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It seems you were right about the hardware - the laptop I was using for my
testing can load the demo from within the hardware linux install through
the qemu emulator but that laptop fails to load the framebuffer directly.
On another machine, I can successfully launch the ISO as a hardware boot as
well as a VirtualBox boot.  This now being successful, my next step is to
get TinyCore running within VirtualBox on a Genode build (a hardware boot,
not within QEMU or a VM).  This part seems more problematic since I can get
the ISO to boot but upon loading the TinyCore linux within VirtualBox
inside Genode it hangs at "Loading Kernel".  From what I understand this
should produce a successfully loaded OS running inside the Genode

On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 7:33 AM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi Chris,
> > Ok, so going off these instructions I want to try to reproduce the demo
> > ISO that is available for download.  When I use the basic make run/demo,
> > this demo scenario runs perfectly fine through qemu on my Linux machine
> > and creates a bootable ISO image, however that bootable ISO image does
> > NOT act the same way that the pre-compiled demo does - it has no
> > framebuffer output, only serial output. How do I compile the demo to
> > make a bootable ISO that outputs to the screen with framebuffer?  I
> > would have thought that this was what the run/demo does but it does not.
> the ISO should indeed produce the same scenario that you see on Qemu.
> Could it be that the VESA framebuffer driver fails on your specific
> hardware?
> Have you tried to boot the ISO on a different machine?
> Could you give the scenario a try with a different kernel?
> You say that you see log output. I wonder, does it reveal any problem?
> Could you post the output here?
> With "pre-compiled demo", do you refer to the example that we provide
> with the current release notes? You can find the run script for this
> specific scenario on the following branch (please review the last few
> commits on the branch):
> But since you reported problems with the framebuffer on your real
> machine, we should first try to get a simple scenario like
> or to work.
> Cheers
> Norman
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