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Ok, so going off these instructions I want to try to reproduce the demo ISO
that is available for download.  When I use the basic make run/demo, this
demo scenario runs perfectly fine through qemu on my Linux machine and
creates a bootable ISO image, however that bootable ISO image does NOT act
the same way that the pre-compiled demo does - it has no framebuffer
output, only serial output. How do I compile the demo to make a bootable
ISO that outputs to the screen with framebuffer?  I would have thought that
this was what the run/demo does but it does not.


On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 5:39 AM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi Chris,
> On 08.09.2016 23:17, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> > I am trying to build the most basic Genode build that creates a bootable
> > ISO image that, once booted, brings me to a command prompt and outputs
> > to a screen, not to a serial connection.
> in Genode, there is no command prompt to speak of. The most basic
> scenario that outputs something on screen is the script
> that you can find at repos/os/run/.
> Of course there are scenarios that let you interact with the Genode
> components like bash running in a Noux runtime. But this is not a basic
> scenario but a fairly complex one. You may take a look at
> ports/run/ Also, what you see when booting the scenario is
> simply a bash shell, which does not illustrate any Genode-specific
> feature. So in my opinion it is not a good starting point.
> Btw, there exists a command-line based component called CLI monitor (at
> os/src/app/cli_monitor) that allows for the starting and killing of
> subsystems in an interactive way. But there is not ready-to-use run
> script that presents it on screen. Also, unlike a shell on Unix, the
> output of the started subsystems is not printed in the CLI monitor. It
> goes to a LOG service (like the one provided by core that prints it on
> the comport).
> > I'm fairly familiar with the
> > build process and I have made numerous demo builds work from within qemu
> > but I am trying to make a stand-alone bootable image.  So far I am only
> > getting the boot loader message where the kernel loads (in this round I
> > am simply using the Nova hypervisor but any kernel is fine for my demo
> > boot).  What am I missing to make this happen?
> A bootable image is automatically created when you execute a run script.
> E.g., after issuing 'make', you can find an ISO image of
> the scenario at var/run/framebuffer.iso. The simplest way to boot it on
> a real machine is to use 'dd' to copy the ISO file to an USB stick and
> let your machine boot from the USB stick.
> We never use tools like 'create_iso' manually, nor do we modify boot
> configurations or ISO images by hand. Instead, the workflow of Genode is
> based on the run tool that automates these steps for us. If you want to
> see the steps you would need to take to manually assemble a boot image
> without the run tool, you may look at the files at tool/run. For
> example, the function 'run_boot_dir' in boot_dir/nova tells you how a
> GRUB menu.lst file is created to run a Genode scenario on NOVA, or the
> function 'run_image' in image/iso tells you how a boot directory is
> turned into an ISO image.
> Those steps are tedious. Hence, I warmly recommend you to leverage the
> run tool to automate this work. As the run tool is highly modular, it is
> quite easy to tune it according to different needs. E.g., we routinely
> boot a test machine via PXE and tftp, obtain the serial output via AMT
> serial-over-line, and power-cycle the machine via a networked-controlled
> PDU. This can be achieved my a mere configuration of the run tool. You
> can find more examples in Section 5.4.2. "Run-tool configuration
> examples" in the Genode Foundations book.
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> Cheers
> Norman
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