Number of components per init

Roman Iten roman.iten at ...453...
Fri Oct 14 19:47:46 CEST 2016


Thank you very much for this very good explanation.

On 07.10.2016 10:47, Norman Feske wrote:
> In the shorter term, it would be sensible to make the preservation
> configurable via init's configuration instead of hard-coding the value.
> I plan to rework init soon and will keep this suggestion in mind.

I agree. Making the preservation configurable makes the memory 
reservations more transparent, i.e. everything that requires memory is 
visible in init's configuration - well, at least if init is used in a 
static way. Or are there still other memory 'pools' one might not be 
aware of?

>> Also, it would be nice to have both reserved and maximum quotas
>> for components in init's configuration.
> I agree. I will consider this while reworking init.

Great, I like the idea of having both, reserved/soft and a maximum/hard 

One last question: how do I calculate the required memory preservation 
for init on nova_x86_64, based on the number of children?


PS: sorry for screwing up the quoting in my previous mail. Tried another 
mail client - I'm back to thunderbird now :)

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