[IPU] - Framebuffer Driver on the i.MX53 QSB

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Tue May 31 11:44:07 CEST 2016

Hello Tiago,

On 05/27/2016 04:59 PM, Tiago Brito wrote:
> Hi, I want to build a system based on the TZ_VMM example where a user space
> Linux application can trigger a SMC. This SMC will tell the secure world to
> display an image (and then return to the normal world after some time or
> after the user explicitly triggers another world switch).
> For now I want to start by using Linux on the Normal World, but I want to
> eventually run Android in the Normal World.
> The question which made me come to the mailing list is the following: in
> your article regarding TrustZone [1], section "Additional device drivers",
> you write that in order to run Android at almost-native performance in the
> normal world you used hardware overlays and that you invested significant
> development time into enabling this feature on the QSB.
> Does this mean you have a working framebuffer driver for the i.MX53 QSB as
> well as a working example on how to use hardware overlays on this platform?
> If so I would like to know where can I get the mentioned framebuffer driver
> as well as the hardware overlay example.

The framebuffer driver is part of the Genode OS framework and can be
found at repos/os/src/drivers/framebuffer/spec/imx53/*

It is automatically build when compiling drivers/framebuffer for the
corresponding build target, e.g., hw_imx53_qsb. Be aware of the fact
that it currently hardcodes to use the tablet's touchscreen display when
using the SABRE tablet, and to use the LCD board extension when using
i.MX53 QSB. It won't work with VGA connected to the i.MX53 QSB in the
current state.
Moreover, the mentioned overlay mechanism although also present in the
driver is only tested using the SABRE tablet settings.


> Thanks, Tiago
> [1] - An Exploration of ARM TrustZone Technology (
> http://genode.org/documentation/articles/trustzone)
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