Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 16.05 released

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at ...1...
Fri May 27 11:50:13 CEST 2016

The central aspect of the current release is the fundamental
renovation of our base API. The API gradually evolved over the years
since 2006 while we gained a wealth of experience with a wide range of
usage scenarios and their requirements. We eventually realized that
the need for fundamental changes to greatly increase robustness and
flexibility can no longer be ignored. Therefore, this release brings
new API functions reflecting our current knowledge about how a secure,
low-complexity C++ OS framework should look like and, on the other
hand, deprecates a wide range of interfaces that will be removed in
future versions. Beside the API changes, we packed quite a few
exciting features and improvements into the release.

The current release contains the following changes and new features:

  - Fundamental revision of the framework API
  - New revision of the "Genode Foundations" book
  - Enhanced ACPI support on x86
  - Device drivers
    - Updated Linux-based drivers to Linux version 4.4.3
      (Intel wireless, Intel graphics, USB, TCP/IP stack)
    - Updated OpenBSD-based audio driver to version 5.9
  - GNU debugger running on 64-bit NOVA
  - Rust programming language for Genode components
  - Tool-chain update

Find the complete release documentation for the version 16.05 here

Kind regards
Christian Helmuth
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