Muen Separation Kernel Might not be the Only option

Martin Vahi martin.vahi at ...427...
Mon May 16 13:30:13 CEST 2016

I do not know anything about the XstratuM

I just found it, but it seems that unlike
Muen, it is under GPL version 2, not version 3,
which means that it can be used for aggregate
works that do not link to it without putting
the rest of the parts under GPL. Just like
the ordinary Linux kernel can be used for
running proprietary software without
affecting the license of the proprietary software.

The way I understand, the GPL v3 is infectious
even, when linking is not done.

The XstratuM seems to be some European Space Agency
project. I haven't studied the source, but at first
glance it seems to be written in C, not Ada, which
means that the de facto proprietary (GPL v3) AdaCore
Ada implementation, the only thoroughly maintained
Ada implementation (id est from commercial
development point of view Ada is de facto
proprietary programming language) a truly open,
non-proprietary language can be used. Add to that
the fact that formal verification tools for C and C++
tend to become more available,

the parties, who are not as loaded (with money)
as the military-industrial complex is, might also
have a chance.

Thank You for reading my letter. :-)

Martin.Vahi at ...427...

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