handling misbehaving filesystem drivers

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Okay, that makes sense. Thanks. And I'm looking forward to when we have
more failsafe components.
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> Hello Ben,
> On 13.05.2016 06:01, Nobody III wrote:
> > I'm planning on writing an fs_filter server for the desktop environment
> > I'm developing. The server will combine access to multiple filesystems,
> > much like the vfs server. I want to implement this feature in such a way
> > that a misbehaving filesystem driver can't make the server hang. How
> > should I do this?
> this question reminds me of the following issue, where I brought up the
> same problem for NIC drivers:
>   https://github.com/genodelabs/genode/issues/1592
> In short, rather than developing your fs_filter in a defensive way, I
> would recommend to develop it assuming that the used file-system servers
> are trusted. To still use a non-trustworthy file-system server, run it
> as a child of a dedicated fs_failsafe monitor. This is a runtime
> environment with the following functionality:
> * It runs the real file system as a child component.
> * It provides a file-system service to the outside. However, it does not
>   implement the file-system itself but rather forwards all requests to
>   its child. Because the fs_failsafe component is small and trusted, it
>   will never hang. So your fs_filter would be safe to use it at all
>   times.
> * It monitors the liveliness of the child. E.g., by using a watchdog
>   thread that looks at the duration of file-system requests. If it
>   detects that the child hangs, it can try to handle this situation
>   (I don't know it restarting a file-system is a reasonable idea or
>   not). In any case, it could still respond to client requests by
>   returning errors instead of hanging. It could also respond to a
>   session-close request by killing the child.
> Do you think this approach would work for you?
> Norman
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