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I had quiet the same kind of idea some time ago, and figured out that a
system like DTrace adapted to capabilities system could be very adapted and
a somehow standardized solution.

The only point is that it takes some efforts to implement...

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écrit :

> Hi,
> as I'm recently developing more sophisticated applications with Genode, I
> had an idea about how to augment the framework with some system-level
> debugging functionality that I'd like to share and discuss here:
> First of all, the idea is motivated by the observation that most Genode
> components are of rather low complexity by themselves. Hence, debugging not
> only involves the code of a single component, but the operation of the
> component in context of its interaction with other components. I have
> therefore been thinking about a generic mechanism to instrument multiple
> Genode components in a way that allows halting the operation of a component
> on an incoming/outgoing signal or RPC, and printing the status of certain
> objects of that component.
> The major concept I imagine is a hook-based approach that can be used to
> halt a particular component on demand. The demand would be indicated by a
> debug ROM that is provided for each component. Once the component is
> halted, it can react to changes of the debug ROM and be instructed to print
> debug information or continue the operation for instance. In addition, we
> would have a debug component as a central controller and user interface.
> Based on the user input, the debug controller populates the debug ROMs that
> are evaluated by the debug logic of the component(s) under test. With this
> mechanism, we could eventually set "breakpoints" at the hooks of the
> debugged components and interactively (or automatically) print the debug
> information of the components.
> The debug logic can probably be implemented as a debug library that
> implements the hooks. A component is being instrumented by adding calls to
> the library functions and registering callback functions that print the
> debug information. Debugging is disabled by linking against a dummy
> library. Maybe this could also be implemented as a trace policy.
> Disclaimer: I currently do not have the resources to implement such a
> feature, hence anyone keen on this idea is kindly invited to do so ;-)
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