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Joscha Benz jbenz at ...415...
Thu Mar 17 11:02:01 CET 2016

Hi Christian,

thank you for your reply. I removed the TCP redirection line from the
runscript and i also applied the patch use send me. Running "make
run/gdb_monitor" on foc and nova still yields:

GDB monitor is up, starting GDB
spawn /usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-x86-gdb bin/test-gdb_monitor -n
-batch -ex target remote localhost:5555 -ex set interactive-mode off -ex
symbol-file bin/ -ex b Linker::Binary::call_entry_point -ex c
-ex delete 1 -ex symbol-file bin/test-gdb_monitor -ex b main -ex set
solib-search-path bin -ex sharedlibrary -ex c -ex delete 2 -ex b puts
-ex c -ex bt -ex print test_var -ex set var test_var=2 -ex print
test_var -ex call test_var_func() -ex b Test_thread::entry() -ex c -ex
info threads -ex step -ex c -ex thread 1 -ex bt -ex q 2&>1
[init -> gdb_monitor] fcntl(): command 4 args 66 not supported - terminal
[init -> gdb_monitor] fcntl(): command 6 args -1 not supported - terminal
Don't know how to attach.  Try "help target".
GDB can't read core files on this machine.
localhost:5555: Die Wartezeit für die Verbindung ist abgelaufen.
Breakpoint 1 at 0x933a0: file
genode-gdbserver/repos/base/src/lib/ldso/, line 364.
The program is not being run.
Breakpoint 2 at 0x1000585: file
genode-gdbserver/repos/base/include/base/thread.h, line 578.
The program is not being run.
Breakpoint 3 at 0x1004030
The program is not being run.
No stack.
$1 = 1
Cannot access memory at address 0x1005b88
$2 = 1
You can't do that without a process to debug.
Breakpoint 4 at 0x10024d0: file
/genode-gdbserver/repos/ports/src/test/gdb_monitor/, line 44.
The program is not being run.
No threads.
The program is not being run.
The program is not being run.
Thread ID 1 not known.
No stack.
Error: Breakpoint in main() did not trigger
Makefile:246: die Regel für Ziel „run/gdb_monitor“ scheiterte
make: *** [run/gdb_monitor] Fehler 255

I also tried running "make run/gdb_monitor_interactive_tcp" on both foc
and nova. Now i get a build error stating that "build/nic_drv" can't be


On 15.03.2016 21:49, Christian Prochaska wrote:
> Hi Joscha,
> the '' script should work out of the box on foc_x86_32,
> nova_x86_32 and (with one failing test) foc_pbxa9 on Qemu. I tried it
> with your github branch and it worked for me after I removed the newly
> added TCP redirection line from the run script.
> The '' script works for me on these
> platforms on Qemu with the attached patch.
> For the HW platform, there might be some work to do on the base system
> if there are problems with pausing and resuming of threads or with
> getting the current register state. When trying to resume execution at a
> specific instruction pointer or to modify register contents in general,
> the base platform must support this. I'm not sure if the HW platform
> already supports it (base-foc does, base-nova not yet).
> Regards,
> Christian
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