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this is a good initiative, I like it.

Also, it seems to me, the content of the site can be enhanced by getting-started matherials of relevant projects, or (I prefer), MOOC project about microkernels with basics, history, architectures and examples based on different projects. Also, the final (graduate) practice of this project could be participation in GSOC or just resolving important issues in bug trackers. In my opinion, such course should be sufficient to turn any systems-friendly developer (student) to microkernel practitioner/developer/enthusiast capable to solve engineering issues of open source projects.

Several years ago we recorded some lectures bout the L4Re and Genode (Thanks Bjoerd, Norman, Udo):


And of course there are many addition materials in any other projects, so, I do not think that it will be complicated to make joint course.

Finaly, about the diffusion of microkernels, I think it is important to see how all (and other) projects can be used to solv actual issues, thus, examples of application could also enchance the content (and impact) of the site.

> just FYI, I have set up a simple web page[1] to promote the wider
> microkernel community and its goals. So far, the page comes with a brief
> description of the microkernel concept and an incomplete list of
> microkernel projects with links to each project's web. The description
> is made out of the first two sentences I found in the "What is XYZ"
> section or elsewhere on the web of the respective project. I also took
> the freedom to use the respective project's logo (or what I believed was
> the project's logo) for promoting it.
> I hope you will find this small web a good idea. It was inspired by a
> similar (though a little bit more informative) site set up by the
> unikernel community [2]. The sources of the [1] web are hosted on Github
> [3], so feel free to submit issues or PR to make the site better.
> Please send me a PM if there are any issues pertaining your project's
> cartouche that cannot be dealt with using Github.

Vasily A. Sartakov
sartakov at ...104...

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