FYI: community site

Jakub Jermář jakub at ...85...
Thu Mar 10 20:50:27 CET 2016


just FYI, I have set up a simple web page[1] to promote the wider
microkernel community and its goals. So far, the page comes with a brief
description of the microkernel concept and an incomplete list of
microkernel projects with links to each project's web. The description
is made out of the first two sentences I found in the "What is XYZ"
section or elsewhere on the web of the respective project. I also took
the freedom to use the respective project's logo (or what I believed was
the project's logo) for promoting it.

I hope you will find this small web a good idea. It was inspired by a
similar (though a little bit more informative) site set up by the
unikernel community [2]. The sources of the [1] web are hosted on Github
[3], so feel free to submit issues or PR to make the site better.

Please send me a PM if there are any issues pertaining your project's
cartouche that cannot be dealt with using Github.



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