Sending data to offline system doesn't work reliably

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Thu Jul 28 18:20:31 CEST 2016

Hi Sebastian,

i am using QEMU.

Regards, Johanna

>Hi Johanna,
>On 07/26/2016 10:58 AM, Johanna Steer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i am working on a toolchain monitoring the schedluing behavior of the
>> fiasco.oc kernel. The data is monitored through the trace service (quota
>> for trace is 2M).
>> It is then sent to an offline system through an active TCP/IP connection
>> and written into a database. VDE is used for that and i am working on
>> Ubuntu 14.04.
>> My problem is that the data isn't sent reliably. I am executing a
>> periodic task that returns zero and exits. The only thing that varies is
>> the period. After 20 seconds the tasks stop, the monitored data is
>> gathered and then sent to the offline system.
>> The kernel says that it is sending the data, but the system freezes at
>> times and the data simply doesn't arrive.
>> The system reacts quite randomly: Sometimes it sends the files,
>> sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes i get an error (shown below). It seems
>> easier to send small data sizes (around 200KB), above 700KB hardly
>> anything works. In between, it might work or not. As far as i have
>> experienced there is no pattern behind it.
>> I tried the tests before with only 1M quota for trace and the
>> reliability improved with 2M quota. However, with 4M it gets worse again
>> and the error occures more often.
>> Here ist the error:
>> [init -> nic_drv] tx fifo overrun, ignore packet
>This error comes from the lan9118 NIC driver. It is a network card
>driver we use for the PBXA9 ARM platform in Qemu only. We have never
>used it on real hardware, and therefore, it might not work correctly
>there. What SoC are you using or do you use Qemu?
>> : spawn id exp6 not open
>>      while executing
>> "expect {
>>          -i $running_spawn_id $platform_msg { puts stderr "Error:
>> platform rebooted unexpectedly"; exit -4 }
>>          -i $running_spawn_id -re $wait_for_re..."
>>      (procedure "wait_for_output" line 22)
>>      invoked from within
>> "wait_for_output $wait_for_re $timeout_value $qemu_spawn_id"
>>      (procedure "run_log" line 28)
>>      invoked from within
>> "run_log $wait_for_re $timeout_value"
>>      (procedure "run_genode_until" line 28)
>>      invoked from within
>> "run_genode_until forever"
>>      (file "/home/johanna/Bachelorarbeit/genode/repos/dom0/run/"
>> line 132)
>>      invoked from within
>> "source $include_name"
>>      ("foreach" body line 6)
>>      invoked from within
>> "foreach include_name [get_cmd_arg --include ""] {
>>      # first check if the include name is absolute
>>      if {[string first "/" $include_name] == 0} {
>>          puts ..."
>>      (file "/home/johanna/Bachelorarbeit/genode/tool/run/run" line 642)
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