Genode Scheduling TrustZone Demo

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Fri Jul 15 16:43:09 CEST 2016


we are using inject_irq() from Martin Stein to inject interrupts into
the normal world VM running Linux.

When measuring the time between issuing inject_irq() and actually
arriving at the ISR in normal world (using CPU performance counters in
CPU cycles granularity) we can see that this always requires at least 10
million cycles, which is 10ms at 1Ghz and exactly what is defined as
cpu_fill_ms in base-hw/src/core/include/kernel/configuration.h.

If we set cpu_fill_ms to 1, we can measure that it only requires 1
million cycles. Apparently it is not possible to set values below 1
(some assertion fails on compile).

Is there another option, probably a more elegant one, that allows the
acceleration of interrupt injection?

Best, Stefan.

M.Sc. Stefan Brenner
Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks
Distributed Systems Group
TU Braunschweig

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