l4android hangs up

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Fri Jul 8 13:31:19 CEST 2016

Hallo John,

* john stokes <jstokes95.john at ...9...> [2016-07-07 21:41:01 +0530]:
> […]
> [init] child "ahci_drv" announces service "Block"
> [init -> ahci_drv] Uncaught exception of type
> 'Genode::Xml_node::Nonexistent_sub_node'
> [init -> ahci_drv] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
> [init] virtual void Genode::Child_policy::exit(int): child "ahci_drv"
> exited with exit value 1
> […]

The ahci_drv has no matching policy and because of a bug in its policy
handling code (fixed on the current staging branch) aborts.

Your problem, however, is the missing policy for part_blk, e.g.:

	<policy label="part_blk" device="0"/>

in the ahci_drv config. With the policy in place, part_blk should
get access to the block device and your l4android component in return
should get access to the partition.


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