sd_card driver Block service prevents FFAT file system use by multiple clients?

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Wed Jan 27 13:18:13 CET 2016

Thank you, Norman.

I was indeed using the ffat library which was itself making the requests for a block connection.
I'll change that to using the ffat filesystem server in libports when I get a few minutes.


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On 27.01.2016 06:47, Nobody III wrote:
> You're trying to make a second connection to the Block service, but you
> should be making a second connection to the File_system service. The
> Block service only provides a random-access chunk of memory, not access
> to files.

there are two ways of using the ffat file system: linking the ffat
library (libports/src/lib/ffat), or starting the ffat server
(libports/src/server/ffat_fs) and letting your client open a File_system
session to the server. The latter can be done by configuring the VFS of
your client as follows:

  <vfs> <fs/> </vfs>

Apparently Bob has used the library, which requests a Block session
directly. Using ffat_fs should do the trick.


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