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Thank you for the response.

In the implementation described in the article VFS isn't used due to the
fact, that VFS wasn't available in genode at that time. A comment of the
libc_fuse plugin states:


                * During the initialization of the plugin, we already
require the VFS.

                * Hence, we need to make sure to initialize the VFS before
doing our

                * own initialization.

So does the current implementation, when using a FUSE fs via the libc
plugin, require VFS?
Is there any more detailed information about the VFS in genode?


I am particularly interested in finding out how the flow of a FUSE call
differs in genode compared to the "normal" call as shown in this graphic


When using a FUSE based fs as a file system server as described in Josef's
response, do any adjustments have to be made to the FUSE fs so it runs on

Kind regards
Hall Samuel


[1] http://usr.sysret.de/jws/porting_fuse/img/490px-FUSE_structure.svg.png

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