Writing to two different dataspaces at the same time

David Werner wernerd at ...389...
Thu Jan 21 14:14:32 CET 2016

Hi Martin,

thank you for your answer!

Am 21.01.2016 um 12:25 schrieb Martin Stein:
> The only way I see to do this is by using a managed dataspace combined
> with instruction emulation. But before going deeper into this: I wonder
> why you want to access two dataspace at a time anyway?
My goal is to have access to the memory content of a component at a 
certain point of time without stopping the component (the threads of the 
component). So my idea was to maintain a second dataspace (same size, 
same content) for each dataspace that is attached to the RM session of 
the component as a copy. So when i want to inspect the memory content i 
just stop writing to the second dataspace and inspect this dataspace 
instead of the "main" dataspaces. This way the component would be able 
to keep running.


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