Writing to two different dataspaces at the same time

David Werner wernerd at ...389...
Wed Jan 20 23:42:01 CET 2016

Hello Genode Community,

i am new to Genode and i have two questions.

1) Is it somehow possible to back a virtual address range with two 
different dataspaces (attaching two different dataspaces at the same 
virtual address is obviously not possible) ? What i want to achieve is 
that writing to a virtual address results in writing to two dataspaces 
at the same time, so that the dataspaces have the same content.

2) As far as i know a thread has to be added to a rm session as a client 
in order to be able to use it as layout for its virtual address space. 
Is it possible for a thread to operate on two different rm_sessions at 
the same time?

Best Regards,

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