Ram quota emergency allocation freed...not sure why.

Bob Stewart robjsstewart at ...196...
Wed Jan 20 01:31:47 CET 2016

On 01/17/2016 01:28 PM, Bob Stewart wrote:
Looking at this again tonight and turning on "verbose" in ram_session 
code, showed what appears to be the actual problem which was that the 
driver pruss_drv was given an initial  ram quota about an order of 
magnitude smaller than was necessary--- 1M verse 10M. Presumably this is 
because libc was asking for a lot of ram. With the run script using 10M 
for the ram resource in the pruss_drv component, the lack of quota 
messages are gone.

It might be better to have error/warning messages emitted that more 
accurately reflect the real ram resource issue. If my analysis of the 
problem is correct, instead of the message "/Insufficient quota for 
transfer: init -> pruss_drv//" issued, /"pruss_drv ram allocation 
exhausted"//would be more informative. I interpreted the message as 
indicating that init had used all of it's allocation, which was not correct.


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