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Fri Jan 8 01:41:41 CET 2016

    and fellow Genodians-

   I think that Genode's embrace of the BSD rump driver stack will continue
to be a key lever towards the I/O drivers available for use within Genode
(hopefully without any Source code modification)..
   In that sense it seems the Genode team has already had it's mot critical
of Ah-Ha moments... and perhaps, continuing to leverage this Rump Kernel
approach will remain a key strategy that could keep Genode developers
focused where they can truly bring the a properly secured OS
kernel / programming model..

   So I'm voting that the Genode team continues to grow it's working
relationship with the BSD Rump Kernel camp... (so that the BSD Rump team
 might also make any needed adjustment to the Rump Kernel API, such that
Genode's needs are more efficiently met)... and in the longer run... the
BSD camp begins to see the wisdom of utilizing Genode's OS kernel API as a
potential programming model for use in parts of the future BSD OS...   Yes
I know I'm dreaming here....but who says Genode can not have it
certainly has something to offer (ie. SYSTEM SECURITY)..

    All the best
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