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Hi Guido,

thank you for your remarks regarding the road map.

On 01.01.2016 14:43, Guido Witmond wrote:
> For that my wish list is: - better ways to debug the system; -
> removal of the catchall's that hide information;

This should be examined case by case. The best way to go about it
would be to open individual issues for instances in the code that you
find questionable. There we can discuss the code and possibly improve
it. In my opinion, however, this point is too minor to be mentioned as
part of the road map.

> - insight into process' activities:		* where's my CPU being eaten; 
> * who's talking to whom, or who stopped talking;

There are already some tools in place that may of help, like the CPU
load display, or the TRACE service of core. I agree that improvements
of these tools, or the creation of proper profiling tools would be
great. But it also takes a lot of effort. Without funding or
significant participation of the community outside of Genode Labs, I
feel that we won't be able to make big advances in this respect in 2016.

> - IPv6; what's a website without it these days;

Are you going to investigate this topic? If yes, can you share which
directions you find worth exploring?


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