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Thu Feb 25 10:08:57 CET 2016

Now that I look, a Guix port could use much of the same underside of Nix, the
derivation recipe format is the same:

The problem is that I interpret the format differently than on unix, which is
not so bad, because Genode derivations are always marked as such. I use the
environment variables section to rewrite requests for ROMs and File_system.
It was a better solution than assuming that derivations must be built with
Noux, and its less work to write a few variations of a Noux wrapper at the
higher level than it is to make Noux work everytime at the C++ level.

I'm still not that interested in Guix, but, if someone could port the
Guile/Guix evaluator, I would help hook it to my store and builder
components. What would be really helpful is if someone could come up with
a good system of distributing binary packages that would be compatible
between the two.

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